The Haitian Crisis will be resolved when the Haitian people play an active role in their future


The Haitian Crisis will be resolved when the Haitian people play an active role in their future

I watched President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau discussing the Haitian Crisis and what they are willing to do.

The US and Canada plans are not addressing the needs of Haiti; therefore, it is imperative for the Haitian leaders from left to right find a way to compromise to resolve this crisis that has the propensity to turn the land of Toussaint Louverture into a no man land.

Those who commit crimes shall be held accountable. Will Putin ever face justice? The earthquake fund for the reconstruction of Haiti vanished, will the former US president ever be held accountable?

The close associates of Mandela wanted to take revenge; however, Mandela created a Reconciliation Commission that was chaired by Desmond Tutu. You know the rest …

Who has the credibility and the moral authority in Haiti to deliver justice when judges who were supposed to be behind bar are sending people to jail and when government officials are getting rich overnight and when Mr. Ariel appointed his close friends à la Cour de Cassation and when a president was assassinated in his house and no one will be held accountable as long as this government remains in power.   

Going after those who created the gangs are fruitless since most gangs are self-sufficient and the founders may have lost control.

Back then, Haiti had a political problem; however, today, it is multidimensional. 

It will be great for the Haitian leaders to reach a political compromise and then deal with the gang phenomenon. It is mathematically impossible to deal with both at the same time.

The 100 million dollars Canada promised to the PNH that money could be better used in building hospital, assisting the farmer and fixing the roads. The PNH as it is today has lost its credibility and its moral authority since it has become a subordinate of the government like the milice force under the reign of terror of François Duvalier and his son. When a credible government is in place, a total tune-up shall be done within the PNH.

We have not seen a Haitian group and individuals anywhere in the Diaspora using his/her influence to invite the protagonists to talk to each other.

Most of you have contact and connection with the members of the government, the opposition, the elites and the mass in Haiti. If they receive an invitation from you, they will attend. Once they are sitting together, they will have a reason to comeback and comeback again and when they feel comfortable, this will lay the foundation for a successful National Dialogue among the Haitian people in Haiti and the Diaspora.  

The Haitian people do not need Canada and the US to bring them together. Your ancestors did the Union on May 18, 1803 on their own. Six months later on November 18, 1803 they won the mother of all battles. The Haitian people need you to bring them together and you do have Haitian people in the Diaspora and Haiti who can help them stick together.

There is no civil war in Haiti; therefore, there is no justification for the Haitian leaders to travel to Washington DC or Ottawa to talk. ALL TALK SHALL BE HELD IN HAITI AMONG THE HAITIAN PEOPLE LIVING IN HAITI AND THE DIASPORA.

Peace !!!======================
Surround yourself with positive people.
Regardless of what you may be going through right now,
always plan for a better tomorrow.
Joseph AlfredBoston, Massachusetts


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