12 juillet 2024
Miami Herald : Biden accused Trump of ignoring Haiti. As turmoil deepens, will he change US policy?
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Miami Herald : Biden accused Trump of ignoring Haiti. As turmoil deepens, will he change US policy?

“During Biden’s visit to Little Haiti on Oct. 5, 2020, he promised he would work to bring his support to the Haitian community,” said Ancelyn-Glinaud Vilbert, 25, a resident of Cap-Haïtien who was among those who felt compelled to seek out Biden’s October 23, 2020 tweet and offer up a fresh response.

Jovenel Moise est entrain de devenir le dictateur de la Caraïbe et dans sa folie, a vassalisé toutes les institutions publiques, institutionnalisé la corruption, a réduit son peuple à la misère et entraîné le pays au bord du gouffre…Dans tout rapport établi par des institutions internationales non-partisanes, le régime n’obtient que la mention F comme note de mal-gouvernance.

Miami, dimanche 14 février 2021 ((rezonodwes.com))–As Haiti descended into violent anti-government street clashes last fall, then-U.S. presidential contender Joe Biden, fresh off a campaign visit to Little Haiti, took to Twitter to slam Donald Trump.

“The Trump Administration is abandoning the Haitian people while the country’s political crisis is paralyzing that nation,” Biden wrote. “As president, I would press for dialogue to prevent further violence and instability.”

Now as Haiti’s political turmoil deepens, the nation’s crisis is quickly becoming one of his administration’s first foreign policy tests. There are worrying signs that President Jovenel Moïse is becoming Latin America andthe Caribbean’s newest strongman. He has been ruling by decree for over a year after dismissing most of the legislature and issued a number of executive orders strengthening his powers as president. Opponents say his term expired on Feb. 7. He disagrees.

Since then, Moïse’s government has jailed 23 people, accusing them of plotting a coup. He’s also fired three Supreme Court justices named by the opposition as potential replacements. And he’s appointed three magistrates to the high court in a move experts say is illegal and designed to pack the judiciary with loyalists. He also named a new head of public security, jailed for his involvement in a 2005 police-involved massacre at a U.S.-funded soccer match in a poor Port-au-Prince neighborhood.

Late Saturday, following public outcry, the nomination was revoked and Moïse named instead a current Haiti National Police inspector with military experience to the job.

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