Haïti|Dictatorship of Jovenel Moise – The New England Human Rights Organization writes to U.S. President Joe Biden


Boston 10 février 2021 ((rezonodwes.com))–

His Excellency Joe Biden
President of the United States
Washington D.C. United States of America
Mr. President,

This letter is just to bring you some important information about the horrifying events currently taking place in Haiti. Mr. President, as you already know, President Jovenel Moïse mandate in Haiti ended this past February 7th. He has decided to shut down all the Institutions in order to stay in power. He is organizing at this very moment incredible repression against the population. He has just ordered to close all Courts and Tribunals across the country. The Supreme Court (la Court de Cassation), the highest judicial body in the country is closed, most judges are being persecuted. All schools are currently closed. Jovenel Moïse is carelessly acting out as a dictator. Worst of all, he totally disregards the remarks of the American Congress about the end of his term; notably, Senator Patrick Leahy, Congressman Andy Levin… alleging that members of the United States Congress have absolutely no power to dictate his conduct, or to stop him.

Everything is ready for the outbreak of civil war in Haiti. But we, as authentic democrats, continue to encourage opposition leaders to favor a peaceful transfer of power. The goal is to avoid this regrettable confrontation in the presence of the United States, which shares a border of proximity with Haiti of only about an hour and half. Since the announcement of Me. Mécènes Jean Louis, the oldest-serving Judge of the Court of Cassation as Provisional President of Haiti, the country is certainly waking up in the concern of imminent violent confrontations, but also in the hope that President Joe Biden will not stay silent in the face of the appalling reality of a civil war in Haiti, orchestrated by a president who attaches to power despite the end of his term.

Knowing your loyalty as a man of your word and your compassion towards others; many believe that the gravity of the political crisis in Haiti and the violation of human rights have not been conveyed to you as it should. A peaceful rally of the Haitian diaspora of the United States in front of the White House is the best way to bring you the exact information, they said. At a time when political and social unrest broke out all over the world. At a time when disease and death combine to destroy so many lives and futures.

New England Human Rights Organization, and all Associated Organizations throughout the United States and Haiti, recognize the immensity of your task and the difficulties of such responsibility. This is why our Churches remain in Prayer that Heaven will grant you the necessary wisdom to accompany nations, like Haiti, which are under attack by the folly of this present time.

In the hope that you will pay close attention to the urgency of this correspondence, we ask you, Mr. President, to receive our sincere and respectful greetings.

Josue Renaud Ms. MED.
President, NEHRO

Carmelle Bonhometre
Vice-Chairman, NE

Mattapan P.O BOX 882B rue Bérri 4, Didier Daurat
175, MA 02126 Montreal, QC H2M1P6 94550 Chevilly-Larue
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