House to vote today on increasing stimulus payments to $2,000 per person ?


Lundi 28 décembre 2020 ((–The House will vote on Monday on a standalone measure to increase direct payments from its coronavirus relief package to $2,000 per person, up from the $600 checks that Congress had previously approved.

The Democrats are in favor of boosting the payments, but the vote of Monday night could test Trump’s post-election sway over Republicans. Monday’s measure, which will force Republicans to go on the record on whether they support Trump’s demand, requires a two-thirds majority to pass.

If it does pass, the measure will head to the Republican-controlled Senate for a vote on Tuesday. Senate GOP leadership has signaled opposition to increasing the size of the checks. The potential vote in the Senate risks dividing Republicans ahead of a crucial Georgia runoff on Jan. 5, which will determine control of the chamber.

President Trump, on Sunday night, finally signed the $900 billion coronavirus relief package, having held off for days after demanding that Congress increase the $600 stimulus checks to $2,000.


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