Marches of the 9 July 2023: Misconceptions, Follow-ups, and Recommendations for a Contented Presence of the Haitian Diaspora in International Politics


A Reflection on the Recent Marches and Their Implications
by Dr Bobb Rousseau

The recent marches that took place on July 9th have sparked both hope and confusion within the Haitian diaspora. While these marches have succeeded in bringing together Haitians living in the United States, there seems to be a disconnect between the intended message and the perception of the audience. To fully understand the significance of these marches and their potential impact on international politics, it is important to delve into the main themes that emerged from the transcript of the event.

Uniting the Haitian Diaspora: A Political Force to be Reckoned With

« The objective of these marches, at least throughout the United States, was to unite Haitians living in the USA around a common cause to show the American legislators that the Haitian diaspora is a growing and attractive political force.« 

These marches have accomplished what the multiple organizations of the Haitian diaspora have not been able to do in 30 years. However, they (these marches) failed to deliver the message they wanted to the purported audience. This is why the Haitian press distorts the objective of these activities, which have the potential to enter the Haitian diaspora into the concert of world politics as an attractive commodity.

The primary goal of these marches was to unite Haitians living in the United States and demonstrate their political influence to American legislators. By being able to vote en bloc, the Haitian diaspora can influence the outcomes of state and federal elections. However, it is evident that the message did not reach all participants, leading to a misunderstanding of the intended purpose.

« Granted, the organizers have not been able to effectively convey the desired message to the participants who thought that the intention was to ask the American government to let Haiti breathe. » 

It is crucial to address this misconception and ensure that future events are able to effectively communicate the true objectives. By doing so, the Haitian diaspora can harness their collective power and make a significant impact on the political landscape.

The Role of Haitian Pastors in Political Engagement

« The pastors must begin to keep their Christians engaged and motivated to increase the political value of the Haitian diaspora in the USA. »

Haitian pastors played a prominent role in organizing and leading these marches. Their influence and ability to mobilize their congregations are essential in increasing the political value of the Haitian diaspora. To achieve this, it is recommended that pastors launch and maintain diverse political education programs to educate Haitians on voting for their interests rather than their color or origin.

« I advise them to launch and maintain diverse political education programs to teach Haitians to vote for their interests and not their color or origin. »

By providing political education at the local level, particularly within churches, pastors can ensure that every Christian understands the importance of voting and the reasons behind their choices. This grassroots approach will empower individuals to make informed decisions and actively participate in the political process.

The Potential Impact of the Haitian Diaspora in World Politics

« These functions are promising as they are building the momentum to increase the political value of the Haitian diaspora worldwide. »

The recent marches hold the potential to elevate the political value of the Haitian diaspora on a global scale. By uniting and mobilizing Haitians around the world, these events can create a sense of solidarity and empowerment. This newfound political force can influence policies and decisions that directly impact the Haitian community, both in their countries of residence and in Haiti itself.

Conclusion: A Call to Action and Future Outlook

The recent marches on July 9th have brought attention to the Haitian diaspora and their potential as a political force. However, it is crucial to address the misconceptions surrounding these events and ensure that the intended message is effectively communicated to all participants. By engaging and educating Haitians on the importance of voting for their interests, rather than their color or origin, pastors can play a pivotal role in increasing the political value of the Haitian diaspora.

Moving forward, it is essential to maintain the momentum generated by these marches and continue to build upon the sense of unity and empowerment within the Haitian community. By actively participating in the political process, the Haitian diaspora can shape policies and decisions that align with their interests and contribute to a more equitable and prosperous future.

The recent marches have laid the foundation for a more politically engaged and influential Haitian diaspora. By addressing misconceptions, providing political education, and fostering a sense of unity, the Haitian community has the potential to make a lasting impact on international politics. It is imperative that we seize this opportunity and continue to work towards a future where the Haitian diaspora is recognized as a force to be reckoned with.

Bobb Rousseau, PhD
Apostroph Podcast


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