Black Alliance for Peace: « The Core Group represents an insidious example of neocolonialism driven by white supremacy »


Fact Sheet on the Core Group by BAP

Recent protests in Haiti have called for the resignation of the corrupt and anti-democratic figure of sitting president Jovenel Moïse. The protests have also drawn attention to a number of imperialist entities that are playing uncertain but seemingly influential roles in Haiti’s current political crisis. One of these entities is the Core Group.

What is the Core Group?

First convened in 2004 under the authority of the UN Security Council resolution that led to the military invasion and foreign occupation of Haiti, the Core Group is a self-styled council consisting of the diplomats of foreign countries with political and economic interests in Haiti, combined with the representatives of a number of multilateral organizations and agencies (including the IMF and World Bank).

Who are the members of the Core Group?

While the membership of The Core Group has fluctuated since its initial formation, it currently has nine members: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, United States, European Union, the Organization of American States, and the United Nations Organization. Significantly, the group has never had a Haitian representative, and often meets without Haitian representation.

What purpose does it serve?

The Core Group was set up to coordinate the various branches and elements of the United Nations occupation in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Neither neutral nor passive, the Core Group plays an active, interventionist role in Haiti’s everyday political affairs.  It has worked to extend and protect foreign economic interests in Haiti. And it has consistently intervened in Haiti’s sovereign political affairs, often without the collaboration or consent of the Haitian government. Importantly, there is no prescribed term-limit on the Core Group’s mandate; theoretically it could be in place in perpetuity.

Why are we fighting against the Core Group?

Unelected by and unaccountable to the Haitian people, the Core Group is the imperial power behind the throne of the Moïse regime, supporting him even in the face of popular protest and despite the shocking evidence of his corruption, brutality, violence, and dictatorial tendencies. But the Core Group’s influence predates Moïse, and it will continue long after Moïse is deposed. The Core Group is the arbiter of neocolonial, indirect rule of Haiti. Moreover, its presence in Haiti is based on a basic, racist assumption: that the Haitian people cannot govern themselves, that Haiti is ungovernable, that Haiti needs the paternalistic guidance of foreign powers. It does not matter that Haiti’s democratic “failures” are due to meddling and destabilization–often by the Core Group’s members.

What are BAP’s demands?

The Core Group represents an insidious example of neocolonialism driven by white supremacy. By effectively acting as the neocolonial trustees of Haiti, the Core Group has undermined Haiti’s sovereignty and autonomy, while crippling Haiti’s efforts at democratic self-determination. As such, the Black Alliance for Peace demands: 1) the dissolution of the Core Group; 2) the release of all correspondence, minutes, and documentation produced by the Core Group on Haitian Affairs and; 3) a forensic accounting of all financial and commercial interest of Core Group members in Haiti.


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