Ariel, free yourself from the burden of mental slavery!


Edito du Rezo | Ariel, affranchis-toi du joug de l’esclavage mental!

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Mardi 24 mai 2022 ((–It is an undeniable fact. Ariel Henry, installed at the head of the country by a tweet from the international, is only a puppet whose strings can be pulled by the simple little blan mannan delegated by his tutors.

The de facto PM and self-proclaimed head of state, like the house slave of colonial times, does everything to please his masters, despising his brothers and sisters whom he assimilates to field slaves, who can only receive his contempt.

In this sense, the neurosurgeon has the will to be a slave. Like a poorly trained parrot, he has not stopped repeating for more than 10 months the same nonsense of the pro-consul La Lime « Referendum and Elections » while leaving to die a population that only asks to live with dignity on this piece of land bequeathed by Dessalines and his comrades in combat.

As a member of the Council of Elders, he contributed to the unconstitutional, illegal and illegitimate installation of the Haitian-American Gérard Latortue as Prime Minister.

This pseudo-intello only flew into Haiti for his investiture and made his way before the end of his « mandate », taking with him two luxurious cars bought at the expense of the princess in his Florida comfort of Boca Raton.

« Gwo Gerard » did not hesitate to applaud the masters who got rid of the embarrassing little priest of St. Jean Bosco who had loudly demanded billions of dollars as restitution for the debt of independence.

“This restitution case is rubbish,” Latortue had brandished.

The two make a pair … of slaves. Two « zo byen monte » – well mounted – to help the annihilation of the Haitian soul before the extinction of this nation that forced the world to enter the modernity of human rights.

On the eve of the anniversary of the villainous assassination of Apredye, godson of a godfather in need of a show, because considered persona non grata in the various Haitian communities of the dispora, Ariel Henry, also godson of the godfather, must make amends.

Dr. Henry, who watches with an amused eye the serial kidnapping of his fellow doctors, the death of his medical students and the departure of the majority of Haitian professionals for more hospitable lands, must emancipate himself from this slave mentality and hand over to the living forces of the nation the responsibility of steering the national boat towards the betterment of the population.

Dr. Henry and his minions must understand that after this calm, which they interpret as a submission of the people, a storm will inevitably come that can only carry them away.


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