The sooner Mr. Jovenel Moise is gone, the better it is


By Joseph Alfred

The upcoming OAS report on Haiti is a deception.

The report is ready. You need to catch them in their act. After the publication of the report, request for the minutes and the deliberation.

Now, you shall take your « revendication » a step further. You need to call out those people who work on the report and as well as the country they represent. Prepare to protest in front of their embassy wherever you live and make a formal request for the foreign affaire of their respective country to recall them.

China blocked a US resolution on Haiti; you job is to write a thank you note and invite China to assist in helping found a solution to the current crisis.

You need to invite 6 additional countries to play an important role: Canada, China, South Africa, Russia, Rwanda, Venezuela, and Iran. You need to even the playing field. Down the road, you are going the assistance of these countries to eliminate the gangs in Haiti.

There is no negotiation with gangs and kidnappers.In bringing these countries in the mix, it is important that you send one letter instead of each of you sending your personal letter. Too many letters are sign that you are not working collaboratively. They will not take you seriously. Many of you may wonder why China blocked the U.S. Resolution!

Keep in mind that Haiti has many children spreading out throughout the world. You may minimize them and stating that it is above their pay grade (But hearing it from a makoute sympathizer, you give them more energy to take the fight to the next level), but outsiders in taking a good look at their record do trust in their abilities to make changes and prevent foreigners from taking the Haitian underground resources.

The OAS soon to be published report is a total deception: It calls for election and to assist the government of Haiti. You need to continue protesting peacefully in front of the OAS, UN, all Haitian embassies, and consulates in the Diaspora, in front of the Core Croup.  You need to call out the makoute sympathizer in the Diaspora.

No election with Jovenel Moise, No illegal change of the constitution with Jovenel Moise.

The sooner Mr. Jovenel Moise is gone, the better it is. A Transitional Government shall take over after Mr. Jovenel Moise. No Election until a public audition of Mr. Opont. Please, listen clip 1:10:11 to 1:12:15 of the interview between Mr. Dupuy and Judge Lionel Jean Baptiste
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Joseph Alfred


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