Your Silent on the Referendum is consent : You need to take a Public Stand


by Joseph Alfred

Saturday 22 May 2021 ((

Your silent is consent.

What happened in 2010 shortly after the quake? A few folks hijacked a federation that was supposed to assist the country. What happened to the Reconstruction Fund? Have you seen any reconstruction?

10 years later, the same people are back at it again. They went to Haiti to support the constitutional bidon of Moise with the AIM to allow landowner like in Texas to own the underground resources. Keep in mind, they can amend the constitution of Moise with a simple referendum.  To make it easier for them, they get rid of the Senate.

In 2010, many stood firm against these people, but the Diaspora remained silent. Today, many in the Diaspora stand firm against the referendum bidon of Moise and many of you remain silent.  Oh, the diaspora can vote. Really: if you believe in voting, how can you support an individual to change the constitution unilaterally? Well; the earthquake fund that was given to Haiti is gone. With your silence today, you are playing indirectly a role in robbing the future of the Haitian people with this bidon referendum.

Who is behind this bidon referendum? Moise is weak and alone he could not do it. Keep in mind that the US States Department runs the US foreign policy.  Have you seen any change of policy toward Haiti with this new administration?  No and this despite of your letters to the U.S. Parliament and the State Department, and …

Democracy works when people pay attention. America listens only to one thing: mass peaceful protest. After the AIDS protest, the name of Haiti was removed from the list.

To compel the U.S. government to change its policy toward Haiti, you have no other choice but to protest and boycott.

Ladies and gentlemen,

You cannot allow the same people 10 years ago who conspired with foreigners on the Reconstruction now conspiring again with the Moise to change the constitution without due process and outside of the existing Haitian constitution. Enough is enough!

Now, we move to the ALL IN APPRAOCH:

 Ongoing peaceful protest across the Diaspora, in front of the U.S. Embassies and consulates across the globe and as well as the embassies and the consulates of the CORE Group, Peaceful protest in front of the U.S. State Department. Peaceful protest in front of all Haitian embassies and consulates across the world. Each community where the embassy and consulate are located shall write a letter requesting the diplomates to resign from their post prior starting the protest. Alert the American people and the Canadian people of what is taking place in Haiti. Alert the members of the Black Caucus and let them know that they need to be more proactive.  

Also, you must bring other players such as South Africa, Rwanda, the countries in the Latina America and CARICOM. You need to level the playing field … At this present moment, both the opposition and the Government have the same patron, it is not working: Bring other players.

At this present moment, you have one last chance to stop the referendum. You need to take a public stand and silent is no longer an option. Come on yo !!! take a good look at the country, billions were donated after the quake: what happened to it. Are you going to allow the illegal change of the constitution and ipso facto robbing the country of its future?

*** No to the illegal change of the constitution and No the referendum bidon of Moise: Who could have imagined this flagrant violation of the constitution. How can you allow a single individual changing unilaterally the constitution? Gadon istwa pou mwen ***

You know where I stand and this without ambiguity on the illegal change of the Constitution. Where do you stand? Silent is no longer an option.

Joseph Alfred, Educator


  1. Denpi je wen klèr sou pwezidan Lescot, (sa te toujou konsa; tanzantan li vini pi mal) se gagòt, grimas, vye kou mèt dam, wete kò a wou; pou wen mete kò an wen. Ayiti plis devlope eta mandisite. Swedizan sila ki letre a; toujou konpwann denpi li jebede enpe mo fwanse; li fini rive. Yo p ape devlope okenn kreyativite; konmsi yo telektyèl, pi souvan komokyèl; metye pa pou yo. Lèr yo chita ape jebede gran diskou komokyèl; si sa pa rapòte; si sa pa rapòte pou ti minorite a; yo lage kò a yo nan politik; se la depo magouyèr vòlèr a ye. Se nan peyi lòtbò dlo, nou a wè: tout bèl bagay: Ledikasyon pou granmoun kon timoun, gran lopital, gran sant rechèrch, elatriye. Konsa se pa dakò e wen pa t ape janm ka dakò ake sa k ape fèt nan peyi d Ayiti wen an. Moun pwòp ki gen klas ake pèr sonnalite; pa pale nan gagòt sila yo; dotan pli kalib moun kou nou ye a; pa gen tande, yo san wont. Plis moun sòt, toujou awogan, mechan; sitou denpi toutan, lavi Ayisyen pa janm vo anyen pou Ayisyen. Elas!


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