Media influences on public policy for the inscription of social issues on the public agenda


« Media influences on public policy for the inscription of social issues on the public agenda » is the next research book by Dr. RJJF Bobb Rousseau, an expert in Administration and Public Policy with specializations in Public Law and Managing Local Government.

Thursday December 14, 2021 (( Drawing his data from interviews conducted with 56 listeners of the ten most popular shows in the country, Dr. Rousseau argues that journalists are disconnected with community issues and therefore do not encourage individual engagement and citizen action, nor do they facilitate the inscription of social problems on the public agenda.

Their reports are sensational, propaganda, and disinformation campaigns aimed at electoral ends rather than ends with implications for positive social change. They do not publicize; for that matter, they do not denounce the residents’ inhumane conditions to transform them into common concerns to force the public authorities to act to politicize them. Politicizing, in this context, means inserting social issues into the public policies of governments.

A copy of this research book will be distributed to 25 radio stations across the country as of February 13. Contact the author at for an initialed copy.

Dr. Bobb RJJF Rousseau


Bobb RJJF Rousseau, PhD
Public Policy and Administration
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