How Congress could ban Trump from ever holding federal office again


USA is not a Banana Republic like Haïti

Dimanche 10 janvier 2021 ((–Congressional Democrats plan to introduce articles of impeachment, accusing President Trump of inciting a violent insurrection at the Capitol. An impeachment trial and successful conviction could also pave the way for the Senate to bar Trump from ever holding federal office — and running for president — again.

It’s unclear, however, if Congress has enough time to pull this off before Trump’s term ends.

Congress is once again threatening to impeach President Donald Trump — this time over accusations he incited a mob to break into the Capitol — and the process could lead to the Senate barring him from ever again serving as president.

It’s a long shot, given the dwindling number of days left in the Trump presidency and the rapidly unfolding politics of the situation. But the Constitution allows the Senate to bar an official that lawmakers have convicted in an impeachment trial from holding federal office again. If the rare procedure was invoked, it could be the ultimate dagger in the political career of a US president like no other.

Trump has openly talked about making a 2024 run, and with millions of voters still in his thrall — and some committed enough to riot — there is the slim but realistic chance he could attempt.

source : Business Insider


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