USA – The vice president cannot overturn a state’s electoral votes, fact-checkers report


All Pence Can Do Is Count (Wall Street Journal).

The Constitution is clear. Neither the vice president nor Congress has the power to reject electoral votes.

The US vice president presides over the electoral vote certification, though it’s not a requirement, CNN reports

Mardi 5 janvier 2021 ((–Neither the vice president nor Congress has the power to reject a state’s electors, according to journalists and fact-checkers at CNN, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Experts explained that the 12th Amendment does not grant the vice president or Congress the power to judge who won a state’s electoral votes when the authorized branches of the state’s government have already agreed on which electors won.

The vice president’s role is to be « the master of ceremonies rather than arbiter of the outcome, declaring the winner based on who has the most electoral votes, » according to The New York Times


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