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Where is the Haitian Judicial System in the saga surrounding the end of the constitutional mandate of President Moise?
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Where is the Haitian Judicial System in the saga surrounding the end of the constitutional mandate of President Moise?

by Joseph Alfred

Thursday, december 31, 2020 ((rezonodwes.com))– Years ago, Mr. Simeus, a Haitian American won a decision from la Cour de Cassation requested the CEP to include him in the presidential race. The government did not enforce the court decision; however, the ruling of the court was right back then and still today.

There are disagreements on when the term of President Moise will be expired. 

Today, we call on those who feel that the mandate of President Moise shall end on February 7, 2021 to use the court system.

President-Elect Biden will be sworn in on January 20, 2021 because the US Judicial System is independent. The losing candidate filed lawsuit and lawsuit, all of them have been denied from Liberal and conservative Judges.We call on the Haitian leaders in Haiti and the Diaspora to use Dialogue to resolve their indifferences. As a true nationalist, as a humanist from heart, as a socio-democrat, I believe that the Haitian people shall eat a warm meal each day, I believe that all Haitian children shall have access to a sounded education regardless of where he/she lives, and I believe that everyone in Haiti and this including visitors shall have access to healthcare.

D. King stated: “When you are right you cannot be too radical; when you are wrong, you cannot be too conservative.” Martin Luther King Jr. US black civil rights leader & clergyman (1929 – 1968)

I call upon our brothers and sisters to use a proactive and an intelligent approach to resolve this current political impasse that has the propensity to lead the country straight to the “inevitable”, an uncontrolled bloody civil war without an end in sight. It will lead to another unfortunate event in the land of Toussaint Louverture, Dessalines, Christophe and Charlemagne Péralte. We shall do everything in our power to prevent Haiti from becoming another Lebanon, Somalia, Syria and Yemen in the Caribbean Sea.

Each of you wants a Haitian Solution. However, in order to have a solution, the players shall start talking to each other. This leads to a second quote of Dr. King: “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” Martin Luther King Jr. US black civil rights leader & clergyman (1929 – 1968)

Each country is unique. What may be working in a country may have the total opposite in another country. In Ghana, in Rwanda after the bloody civil war, the people share with others what they have and build their country in using a bottom up approach while some Haitian Nationals teamed-up with outsider to dilapidate the earthquake fund and a total dilapidation of the Petro Caribe fund that could have used to relaunch the country.

It is the reason that we call for a public Trial of these impostors who dilapidated the Petro Caribe fund. It is fruitless to continue sending money to Haiti without holding those who dilapidated the Petro caribe fund accountable. A clear and a strong message shall be sent to would be impostor, to would be state dilapidator. If you steal a dime from the state treasure, you will serve time and your asset shall be confiscated in Haiti and other countries that we have extradition treaty with. The Haitian government is an industry where its members get rich overnight. 

This cannot continue!

It is a good time to call for a time out, reassess and change the game plan.

As we are entering into a new Year, we call on the Haitian leaders in Haiti and the Diaspora to give a new hope to the people of Haiti.  We believe that the Haitian leaders in Haiti and the Diaspora can resolve among them their indifference without any outside interference. What the Biden Government is going to tell you, what the Canadian government is going to tell you, what and what, you can do it on your own by just respecting your existing constitution and by dialoguing and compromising among you.

If you want a Haitian solution, it must come from you and not being dictated by outsiders. On January 1st, 1804 Haiti stunned the world by declaring its independence. Since then, infighting and political instability prevent the country from moving forward. Today, the country is in a lamentable condition and it can get worst.

The Haitian people in the Diaspora assist their family in Haiti but we can do more when the Haitian Diaspora is organized. In 2010, the Haitian Diaspora was represented in the Reconstruction Commission; in 2020, again the Haitian Diaspora is represented in the Constitutional Commission of President Moise. If the Haitian Diaspora was organized in 2010, they could have voted for their representative member. If the Haitian Diaspora is organized today, it could have voted for a knowledgeable individual on constitutional issue to represent the Diaspora. That commission was supposed to have town hall meeting face to face or via Zoom across the US, Canada in all communes in Haiti and universities to collect info.

The University shall play an important role in a writing a constitution. The College students, the peasant movement, the labor movement, the educator, and the people must play an important in writing a constitution.

A constitution shall not be written on the rush, enough time must be allocated to discuss everything. There is no difference between what is taking place right now with the aborted amendment in 2012. Be careful with goal  à main. In the world, Cup a famous player scored a goal à main. 

Whatever you plan to do, please, make sure that the underground resource belongs to the state of Haiti. A large area of the nord-est was bought with no plan to cultivate the land or build. Pawol pale, pawol konpran-n. A red line is being drawn: No one can include in the constitution that the underground resource belongs to the owner of the land. Take it or leave it. Si ou pran yon ti chocho pou bey yon goal  à main, al remet kob la: Kreyol pale, Kreyol Konpran-n. This is not up to discussion. 

Would-be candidate fights for chance to change Haiti – The Boston Globe
Would-be candidate fights for chance to change Haiti – The Boston Globe

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