Haïti – Referendum : Silent is consent. Enough is Enough!


by Joseph Alfred

December 5, 2020 ((rezonodwes.com))– Is there a need to amend the 1987 constitution or to write a new constitution? Yes.

Haiti has known a peaceful time during the Moise’s Presidency. There is no justification for the government of Moise not to organize two mid-term senatorial elections and a congressional election. Currently, the Haitian Parliament is dysfunctional. 

However, since there is no parliament; therefore, there shall be a consensus among all sectors in the country to appoint the constitutional commission.

President Moise cannot appoint unilaterally the members of the constitutional commission. Also, President Moise cannot unilaterally appoint the members of the CEP. 

Silence is consent

During the spring and the summer, you have seen the American people protesting on a daily basis and it paid off big by depriving a second term to the current president. 
How many peaceful protests against the CEP and the Constitutional Commission in Haiti and the Diaspora? 

Democracy works when people pay attention.   

Silence is consent

The Haitian opposition operating in the field is fragmented. Recently, two protests were held. We are aware of the disagreement between the members of the opposition and former Senator Moise Jean-Charles. It is truth that he cannot articulate his views effectively; however, it is a truth member of the opposition and you know where he stands. The Haitian opposition, the Lavalas, and Moise Jean Charles need to work together to prevent the worst. All of you and including the government shall start talking to each other. 

Failing to start a honest and a sincere dialogue to resolve your eternal indifference will make Haiti a no-man land. Failing to include everyone may lead Haiti to a bloody « inevitable ». Take a good look at what is happening right now in Syria, Lebanon, Somalia and Venezuela, you will see an urgent need to start a honest and a sincere dialogue to prevent Haiti from failing into a chaotic period with no end insight.    

Without your direct intervention, the future of Haiti is bleak … Do not rush to blame foreigners. Remember, your leaders invite them to assist in writing a constitution which is very sad.  

Enough is enough! We call for a Transitional Government to take over after Moise. We call for a new Constitutional Commission and we call for new CEP. NB: Do not allow president Moise to write a new constitution, do not allow the CEP of Moise to organize a general election.  

Joseph Alfred


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