13 juillet 2024
Black Panther2 : Hayti and Iridium – The Real Wakanda
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Black Panther2 : Hayti and Iridium – The Real Wakanda

by Zili

Spoiler alert! Black Panther2:Wakanda Forever pays homage to 1804 & Hayti revolutionary hero, Toussaint Louverture, in the post credit scene.

King T’Challa’s son is named Toussaint. Nakia’s house number in Ayiti is 1804! Nice!

(Go to our youtube channel to find our reviews of BP1, subscribe and watch for notification of Èzili’s review of Black Panther 2 along with Woman King and how these fictions compare to the real history of the historical Black superheroes of Ayiti!

See Èzili’s review of the first Black Panther movie three years ago: Maybe someone heard me back then when we said?
-No glorification of the criminal UN
– Don’t give your resources to historical warmongers
– The Importance of Hayti as a place of sanctuary ..
– Ayiti, the land of the real life freedom fighters.
– Iridium and how US destabilize to steal Black resources ..

Today, N’Jadaka (Killmonger)’s message, « Death before living as a slave! » or « Live independent or die » still resonates with me more than T’Challa’s or Angela Basset’s message to Shuri in BlackPanther2This « live free or die » devotion is what set Ayiti free and eventually stopped slavery everywhere. You don’t ally with the devil when he’s at his weakest.

You finish him off so he won’t rise the same way at you again. Evil (Colonizers, Helen Lalime-ilks, Criminal UN, dictatorship/imperialism) is evil and that’s his/her nature and it will always be reborn, will rise over and over again. But a little more crippled each time you crush him/her down.

Our Free Haiti Movement work will be done when a movie like Black Panther chooses Desalin as the name for their Prince! For, now Prince Tousen is an appreciated step forward. #Desalin4Ever

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