Haiti does not need a costly military intervention but courage from the international community


by Gumais Jean Jacques


Foreign military intervention willl never be the best solution for a societal crisis that requires courage from the international community. A firm resolution to sanction gang patrons, making FBI arrests and equip the Haitian police with armored vehicles supported by a special elite forces that can attack gangs from air would be a wise strategy to face Haitian crisis in a perspective of transformative solution for sustainable and friendly relations with the Haitian people. 

In fact, Ariel Henry’s request for military help is a sign of a desperate plea to support the statuquo in Haiti. A defacto government that has failed to deliver the minimum of its primary security and political goals does not have any legitimacy to call for foreign assistance. Mr. Ariel Henry should have been already a resigned Prime Minister since two weeks.

Much of Haitian crisis has been worsening because of neglects and lack of political ambition of Mr. Henry himself accused in the asassination of former President Jovenel Moïse and collusion with gang leaders to spread violence while protecting the interests of political and business allies in certain areas of the capital. 

The international community, specially Biden’s administration must be careful with their approaches in Haiti as many Haitian patriots, intellectuals and the population already thinking about a conspiracy strategy to keep Haiti under interminable   UN occupation even an eventual military intervention could get Mr. Henry ousted from the government and eradicate the gangs violence.

This perspective of foreign interference with military forces is perceived as a geopolitical strategy to guarantee through manipulated elections the Statuquo of an ended chaotic system that can no longer driven by oligarchs neither by old dinosaurs politicians who themselves are the main actors that should be sanctioned, arrested by FBI and Interpol for gun trafficking and organized crimes. 

In all possible scenario, only a « mini special elite forces » that could operate from air will be welcomed to support Haitian police that must be equipped with new armored vehicles to eradicate gang violence financed mostly by the current ruling regime and certain patrons of the private sector who are cooperating with gangs for their business activities. Nevertheless, such repressive actions will not lead to any sustainable results if Haiti is still governed by client operators who have been alienating Judiciary branch since 1986 to avoid prosecution for corruption and crimes.

As a current lawless State, courage is needed from the international community to sincerely help Haitians to face Haiti’s biggest challenge after Duvalier’s regime departure: Sanctioning the shameless elite of Americas region for the first time in History and supporting a Haitian adopted transitional pathway aiming to create conditions for the population to freely elect its own leaders regardless their political affiliation and geopolitical alignment. 

Gumais Jean Jacques
Mr. Jean Jacques is an independent media contributor and Executive at Kaiser Kafe that promotes Haitian amerotherapy sector and Vice-President Communications & External Affairs for Human rights organization, Fondation Pain d’Espoir (FPDE)


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