Daily Mail : Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry ‘was involved in plot to assassinate the President and is protecting fugitive suspected of organising hit squad’, investigators claim


le monde entier admet aujourd’hui que les Haïtiens se laissent gouverner par un homme dont la moralité est mise à rude épreuve.

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Daily Mail – Londres

Investigators probing the assassination of Haiti’s President have claimed the country’s Prime Minister was involved, and is protecting a fugitive suspected of organising the hit squad behind it.

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was shot 12 times and killed when two dozen armed men raided in the country’s presidential residence in the early hours on July 7, 2021.

Two weeks later, Ariel Henry was sworn in as President, having only just been named Prime Minister by Moïse on July 5.

Accusations and suspicions surrounding the now-acting President have swirled since, not helped by his refusal to cooperate with authorities over his links to the one of the key suspects in the assassination.

Now, speaking anonymously to CNN, two investigators into the assassination have claimed that they were involved in planning a sting operation to catch Henry meeting with Joseph Felix Badio – the man believed to have organised the hit squad.

According to the sources, three undercover officers were parked outside Henry’s official residents in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince having been tipped off that Badio – a former anti-corruption official who is on-the-run – would be meeting him there.

The detective planned to arrest Badio as he left the house, and at a later date arrest Henry as well, using the meeting as proof of their collaboration. 

But Badio never arrived. The sources told CNN they believe either he or Henry was tipped off, thwarting the opportunity for investigators to bust the meeting.

According to the network’s sources, they have brought forward other examples of the Prime Minister’s activities that detail his alleged involvement in the killing.

However, when two judicial authorities sought to bring charges against him they were fired, the source said. 

One investigator told CNN: ‘Henry is at the centre of everything.’

The New York Times has previously claimed Henry and Badio have close ties, with reports suggesting Badio had visited the Prime Minister at his home before. 

Henry, meanwhile, has said that he is determined to solve the murder of President Moïse, pledging to world leaders at the UN General Assembly is September: ‘no distraction can deter me from this goal to bring justice’.

But the official investigation into the assassination has stalled, with CNN reporting that it is as good as dead. 

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