Nou Pap Dòmi : So that no one pretends to not know the referendum of June 27th, 2021 is ILLEGAL!


Vendredi 21 mai 2021 ((–According to the Constitution of 1987, the referendum scheduled for June 27 is completely illegal, insists the platform « Nou Pap Dòmi« , in that case, « No one could pretend to not know » that the dictator Jovenel Moise has absolutely no right to replace it.

Meanwhile, Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP-Dermalog) continued today with recruitments for polling stations for the upcoming constitutional referendum, despite its questioning by broad sectors.

The CEP asked the members of the polling stations who worked during the last elections to confirm their availability, and asked civil society organizations to present their candidates to the communal referendum offices.

The Government continues stepping up the organization of the exercise, and recently received two shipments of sensitive and non-sensitive materials such as ballot boxes, indelible ink, cell phones and other supplies.

However, the popular consultation promoted by the authorities to modify the Constitution receives numerous criticisms from different fronts, especially because it is not contemplated in the current law.

Last Monday, hundreds of citizens marched against the government project and launched hostile slogans against the authorities, particularly the dictator Jovenel Moïse, whom they accused of to establish a dictatorship with the illegal referendum.


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