13 juin 2024


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MSNBC | Amb. Dan Foote: Haitian PM de facto Ariel Henry ‘will not survive’ if he returns to Haiti

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is heading to Jamaica to meet with Caribbean leaders about the ongoing crisis in Haiti. Gabe Gutierrez and Ambassador Dan Foote, the former U.S. Special Envoy to Haiti, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the situation. “Ariel Henry will not survive if he goes back to Haiti, unless the U.S. reinstalls

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State of the Union Address transcript: Read the full text of Biden’s 2024 speech

The White House released the transcript to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address shortly after the speech started on Thursday night. Below is the full transcript of the address: The United States Capitol Good evening.  Mr. Speaker. Madam Vice President. Members of Congress. My Fellow Americans.  In January 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt came to this chamber to speak to

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Actualités Corruption Diplomatie English Le Billet de la Rédaction Pages d'Histoire d'Haiti PHTK autorise l'occupation du pays Société

L’Edito du Rezo | Ariel Henry, without a legitimate and constitutional mandate, cannot act on behalf of the State of Haiti abroad

« Le respect des accords est un pilier fondamental de la gouvernance démocratique. » – Kofi Annan « Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry is flying to Nairobi Kenya on Tuesday February 27th, to finalize the paperwork with Kenyan authorities for the deployment of the multinational force. However, the legitimacy of anything he agrees to or signs is already

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Actualités Diplomatie English Pages d'Histoire d'Haiti PHTK autorise l'occupation du pays Société

Kenya Cancels Conference With Haiti After Standoff on Police Deployment

US media, on Saturday, February 24, reported that Kenyan government officials abruptly cancelled a video meeting with their Haitian counterparts after the two countries failed to strike an agreement on the deployment of police officers to the Caribbean nation.  Earlier this week, Kenya was expected to finalise the bilateral security meeting despite a court ruling

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Jeffsky Poincy | Exclusion of Haitians from Security Discussions: Reflections on the Munich Conference

During the Munich Security Conference, the issue of insecurity in Haiti was debated by a panel of five speakers, none of whom were Haitian. This absence not only highlights the exclusion of Haitians from discussions concerning their own country but also from decision-making processes related to Haiti, including security matters. The intervention of former Dominican

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