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“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8 v 12)

«Hear us, Shepherd of Israel, You who lead Joseph like a flock, You who sit above the cherubim, shine forth. Before Ephraim and Benjamin and Manasseh, stir up your might, Come to save us. Turn us again, God. Cause your face to shine, and we will be saved. » (Psalms 80 v 1-3)

« I know how to be humbled, and I know also how to abound. In everything and in all things have I learned the secret both to be filled and to be hungry, both to abound and to be in need. I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. » (Philippians 4 v 12-13)

Jeudi 31 décembre 2020 ((–

On this last day of 2020 which has been a year of spiritual evaluation for the followers of Jesus Christ, the Local Church has been dismantled; but YAHWEH’s Universal Body-Temple Church has grown stronger. I have leaders who have lived on this earth in peril that I love and espouse their philosophy, but there is no better than Jesus-Christ, the Son of The Most High. I have had a personal relationship with my Creator from early childhood that I cannot describe with words. I know my Savior is Alive and I want to say and show my compatriots and the whole world that Jesus-Christ is the Best Friend a human being can have, and He is the Ultimate Role Model for a successful leader; He is Success Personified. With Jesus-Christ, I will break down barriers and accomplish my mission in this cursed earth. There will be no Freedom, Progress and Endogenous Sustainable Development for Haiti without the Full Participation and Support of JESUS-CHRIST in every detail of the planning of this long awaited Revolution. I am from the Team of JESUS-CHRIST, and I want to tell you how and why I consider him to be the Greatest Leader to have ever lived on our Planet. To do this, I will lend the powerful voice and pen of Katara Washington Patton, author of an excellent and invigorating book « Successful Leaders of the Bible. » JESUS-CHRIST is the only Savior and Protector, and it is on this Infinite Spirit that I lean and will lean forever to carry out my mission on this endangered earth. To serve is my destiny; servant is my only title and my profession.

I give glory to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for the breath of life, the intelligence, the courage to live in abjection, contempt and resilience. Glory be to him for the projects of peace and happiness which give me the courage to live a positive life, and keep me attached to life with an unbridled passion to humanize myself and serve my neighbor. May he guide my steps and give me the wisdom, humility and tolerance necessary to become a leader devoted to his cause, and to follow in his footsteps, as my homeland (Hayti) needs capable leaders, great in soul and who love and advocate the santibonic life.

Jesus-Christ is our ultimate example. He is our true leader. He became human to show us the way to live while on this earth and to sacrifice his life for us to gain ours. No book can possibly share all of the ways Jesus exemplified successful leadership. Jesus was bold. He said what needed to be said without mincing words. Whether it was challenging the pious religious leaders of the day, demons, or his followers, Jesus spoke the truth and was unapologetic about it (Matthew 21 v 12-13). Successful leaders say and do the bold things. They stand up for what is right and refuse to let wrong go uncheck. They are fair and just and will not tolerate anything less from themselves or from those they lead. All leaders need to be fearless and bold enough to confront people and circumstances that do not support the mission and goals of the community, team, church, family, or organization.

Jesus-Christ was compassionate. Throughout the gospels, we see Jesus displaying compassion for the people he is trying to teach. He saw they were hungry, and he provided for them (Mark 8 v 2). He saw that they were lost and wandering without true leadership (Mark 6 v 34), so he taught them. A leader can confront wrongdoing and at the same time be filled with compassion for those who are wayward, hungry, lost, oppressed, and so on. Our humanity should make our hearts ache for those who are not walking in their purpose or living up to their potential or who are searching in all the wrong places for satisfaction. We should be like Jesus and have compassion, not just a feeling of pity or empathy, but a compassion that compels us to help in any way we can. In an organization, we can offer training for the one who needs help. In a church, we can offer counseling or be a mentor to the one who is struggling. At home, we can give extra support to the one who needs more attention. When our hearts are aligned with Jesus-Christ, we understand that successful leadership serves people. Have we worked to meet their needs? Has compassion led us to care for them and guide them? If we are following Jesus, our master example, we will be filled with compassion.

Jesus was connected to God. As the Son of God, divinity clothed in humanity, Jesus couldn’t get disconnected from God. He was God. Likewise, successful leaders need to be like intimately connected with God at all times. We need to be like branches attached to the vine (John 15), recognizing that we cannot move or function or be our true selves if we are not attached to our vine, our maker and power source. Constant daily prayer, fellowship with believers, Bible study, time spent thinking about all of God’s deeds can keep us in connection with God. We can never get too busy to stop and commune with God; it will make us powerless quickly. A successful leaders desires to grow closer to God each day, knowing we cannot have too much of God. As we come nearer and nearer to our Lord, the Bible says God will draw closer to us (James 4 v 8).

Jesus-Christ asked for help and accepted it. While traveling throughout Jerusalem and surrounding areas, Jesus often needed help. He needed to be fed (his physical body got hungry), he needed places to rest his head, and he needed companions. When Martha prepared a meal, he ate it. When the women traveling with him supported his mission financially, he accepted their graciousness. Successful leaders understand that they cannot complete their mission alone, even if it feels like it would be easier that way. No one can do it alone. While we need God’s strength and help, we also need the help of people around us. Christ-like leaders know how to say yes to help, realizing that it will mean empowering others to do a job in their own way. We give up micromanaging and control to allow others to help us meet our common goals. Help is not a bad word; it is Christ-like.

Jesus-Christ relaxed and had downtime with God and others. Several passages in Scripture show Jesus enjoying time away with his friends, even if some people wondered what in the world he was doing eating with sinners. (Everyone he met was a sinner.) Jesus was serious about his mission; the most serious mission of all time was and is salvation. However, Jesus had time to just sit and enjoy himself with his friends. He was not always on the grind. Sometimes we need to sit down and rejuvenate, and that comes from enjoying time with those who want little from us or from those who can actually serve us and care for our needs. When was the last time you truly enjoyed yourself with your loved ones without being distracted by the e-mails popping up on your phone or without reading through reports and other work? Do you take vacations, dedicated time away from the mission to just relax? Do you regularly observe Sabbath rest, a time to stop spinning if you are not at work? Jesus-Christ did.

Jesus-Christ was not a celebrity. Jesus did not aspire to make headlines, and neither should successful leaders. When your mission is serving God, you recognize that some people will love you, and in just one minute, those same people can despise you. Your eyes shouldn’t be set on people and their opinions of you. Serving is not a popularity contest. Witnessing and sharing the gospel of Christ is not making friends or getting fans. Jesus-Christ had all of that and didn’t let it get to him. He was much smarter and wiser than that. He understood the human condition. He understood that people would praise you one second and crucify you the next. He stayed focused on his goals and his mission, and we all benefit because he did. Regardless of what level of popularity you attain as a successful leader, follow Jesus-Christ’s example and don’t reduce your God-given mission to a popularity contest. Jesus-Christ healed. Through his words, through his teachings, through his encounters with others, Jesus was all about setting demons free and helping people be whole and alive and free. Let your words bring people better, not worse. Model Jesus-Christ’s ability to make people their best. Only through prayer can we do these things (Mark 9 v 29). Stay prayerful as you touch others’ lives.

Jesus-Christ got sad and overwhelmed. In Mark 16 v 34-36, we are reminded that Jesus really did walk among us as a human. He had human emotions. And one of those emotions was sadness, because of the overwhelming sacrifice of his mission. When faced with the cross and his ultimate mission, death for the sins of the world; Jesus had a moment where he wanted out. It can be hard to realize yet liberating at the same time. Jesus-Christ was “overwhelmed with sorrow.” Yet what he does next is the example we are to follow. He cried out to God. He admitted his feelings and took them to the One who could help. Successful leaders are able to function with their emotions, not suppressing them or allowing them to overrule them. We know how to deal with the myriad emotions that can crop us as we work toward our mission. Denying our emotions can lead to depression, uncontrollable anger, bitterness, misplaced aggression, and so much more. When we find ourselves overtaken with an emotion, we can be like Jesus-Christ. Recognize that emotion. Name that emotion. And find the prayer closet where you can have a little talk with our Lord. That’s where you can find fuel to carry on just as Jesus-Christ did when he emerged from prayer saying, “Yet not what I will, but what you will.” That’s the true declaration of a servant’s heart.

Jesus-Christ walked with his enemies near his side. The ugly truth is that not everyone is for you. You can try your best and do your best, but in the end, some people will not want to support your mission or your cause. You just can’t do anything about those people. Jesus-Christ walked with the one who betrayed him Jesus knew who would give him up (Mark 14 v 20-21) and betray him. However, Jesus didn’t allow Judas’ façade of friendship to stop him or distract him Jesus was still able to operate and walk toward his mission with Judas by his side. In fact, Judas’ betrayal played right into Jesus-Christ’s mission. So instead of focusing on those who are not really with you, keep focusing on your mission. Don’t spend your energy worrying about them and their antics. Jesus-Christ gives us so many other examples of successful leadership, too many to list in one volume. But the successful leader recognizes the boundless amount of inspiration, guidance, and instructions buried in God’s Word awaiting our discovery. Successful leaders commit to learning more and more about God as they grow each day. Our life reflects lifetime learning; our faith walk reflects lifetime growth in Christ. As we strive to live out our God-given mission, we strive to live nearer and nearer to our God. For without our Lord, we can do nothing. But with God, we know and believe, all things are possible (Matthew 19 v 26). So, with our minds fixed on our mission, we march on. With our spirits connected to God, humbly awaiting our direction, we seek to lead like Christ, knowing our success comes only from God.

“My Lord, my Savior, my Redeemer, and my God, I commit my service to you. I want to do your will for my life. I want to be a leader like Christ: humble, mission-filled, compassionate, helpful, and whole. Make me look more and more like Christ each day; through your Spirit and through your Strength alone.


Live like Jesus-Christ every day!

N.B. (Most of the passages of this article are taken directly from the book: “Successful Leaders of the Bible” by Katara Washington Patton)

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