Haiti at the crossroad of a definite moment in history


by Joseph Alfred


The chaotic situation in Haiti can go either way: it can pave the way to a new Haiti or the continuation of the Somalization and the Lebanization of Haiti.

The execution / assassination of Mr. Jovenel Moise at his residence and many other people recently have shown that no one is safe anywhere in Haiti, in church, standing in front of your residence, walking down the street, and even in your own residence. Duvalier who run the country with an iron fist for 29 years will not last 7 minutes in today’s Haiti. Haiti is the only country in which the private sector oversaw importing the COVID-19 Vaccine. This must be reversed. The state of Haiti shall order the Vaccine and the Department of Health shall be in charge in distributing the vaccine freely. It cannot be nan moun pa and zanmitag.  

We call on the actors to work toward putting in place a transitional government in a timely manner.

How we get where we are right now? Your eternal silence and your unconditional support for your friends and sympathizers regardless of what they do. You accept everything which we call la décadence: The former Haitian President appointed unilaterally the members of the CEP, it is okay with you; He appointed unilaterally the members of the constitution commission, you have no problem with it.

At this point, it does not matter; we need to focus instead on What can be done to bring normalcy to the country?

Regardless of what the country is experiencing right now, there is always opportunity. You need to be careful and open your eyes since when the emotion is high, it is a fertile ground for impostors. 

What can be done?

We call to halt once and for all the illegal change of the 1987 constitution. We call to halt the Referendum and to disband the CEP ASAP.

We ask each of you to put aside “le moi” in the Diaspora, join hands not with your friends but with all, and together you can build a coalition of the willing. We know where everyone stands; now, it is a good time that each of you sits on the table (via ZOOM of course) and discuss the future of the Haitian Diaspora and how a coalition of the willing can assist Haiti.

At this present moment, not a single Haitian group can claim representing the Haitian Diaspora, you have no other choice but to build a coalition of the willing. The US States Department, the UN, OAS, various individual countries are receiving letters from individuals and groups on the same thing: this tells you that you are not organized. Regardless of how you feel, when dealing with Diplomates, you shall always use a diplomatic language. Honorable ambassadors to the __, Honorable Judge ___ and focus to the subject in hand. Remember, these World/Regional organizations are here to stay, and they are going to vote whether they know what it is really happening in your country or not. If a vote is going to take place at the UN/OAS, you have the right to lobby the diplomats to vote this way or that way on behalf of your country.

Keep in mind, sending some correspondence with 100, 1000, 5000, and 10,000 signatures or more have more weight than sending 5 to 10 letters for the same thing with different group and individual. They need to see a sense of Unity among you; no one, no politician wants to deal with divisive people.

We call on the Haitian leaders in Haiti to put in place a Transitional Government. It will lead a National Dialogue among the Haitian people. All sectors from extreme Left to extreme Right shall be invited. Total inclusion is required for a successful National Dialogue:  it shall include the Opposition, the Government (Representative member of the Transitional Government), the representative member of the Civil Society, the Peasant Movement, the University, the Media, the Human Right, the labor Movement, the Patron, the Justice Department, the Student Movement, the Catholic Church, the Protestant Church, the Vodou and the Diaspora. The outcome of the Dialogue will be used as a blueprint to reset the clock.

In unity with love!

Joseph Alfred, Educator, Haitian American, Socio-Democrat, Neg an deyo Ouanaminthe

This is my belief and my philosophy of life:

1) HealthCare is a right   2) Receiving free K-12 Public Education is a right   3) Eating at least a meal a day is a right 4) Living in a proper sanitation condition is a right    5) Voting is a right

6) Internet access is a right (Since you need to use the internet to apply for job, to attend school and training; therefore, it is a right).

Joseph Alfred


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