A call to unity to defeat the Referendum


Saturday, may 29, 2021 ((rezonodwes.com))–

Ladies and gentlemen,

Many of you misunderstood by a mile the Unity that took place at Arcahaie on May 18, 1803. The main goal of the Unity was to unify their forces to fight the French colonial army and ipso facto, taking their independence. Once, the country became independent, the Unity was over.

The call to Unity our forces to defeat the referendum bidon of Moise, once the referendum is axed, this unity call is over.

At this present moment, we are focusing on defeating the referendum. It is not the time to focus on long term plan or objective. Whatever you may be doing right now, just table it later; come on, it is not the end of the world.

The 2010 earthquake left an ocean of deaths with a destruction of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. The world came to the assistance of that impoverished Caribbean nation, your country, our homeland. Unfortunately, a few Haitian impostors met in DC and created a bidon Diaspora federation …

What happened to that bidon federation? Close to 10 billion dollars were donated for the reconstruction of Haiti. That bidon federation appointed a member to the Reconstruction Commission. Those of you who are reading this note: have you seen any reconstruction in Haiti? Please, be honest! Now, what happened to the 10 billion dollars? What happened to the money?

10 years later, the same people are back at it again. They went to Haiti last January to support the change the of 1987 constitution and they are planning a referendum on June 27, 2021. Can you trust these folks who created that bidon federation in 2010? You see the result of their creation.

We call for an ONGOING PEACEFUL PROTEST starting today until we defeat the referendum bidon of Moise. Please, take your case straight to the American people. Remember, American listens only to ongoing peaceful protest. Write letter to the editors to all newspapers and magazines in your area. Send letters to the ambassadors of friendly countries. Most of all, those of you who are against the illegal change of the constitution shall protest peacefully.

You have to choose side; it is either you are with the Haitian people, or you are supporting the illegal change of the constitution or you are a makoute sympathizer or friends of these people who went to Haiti last January to support the constitution and the referendum bidon of Moise.  

We may have our indifferences, we may say things that we were not supposed to; however, do not let past things preventing you from getting together for a common cause. Always remember that you are brothers and sisters and we all would like to see a better Haiti.

There will always be Conzés among you, there will always be collaborators like those one who collaborated with foreigners during the 2010 earthquake. Please, do not let outsiders using our indifferences to divide us.  The 2020 U.S Presidential election, the American people voted massively to deny Trump a second term.

Today, you need to team-up together to defeat the referendum bidon of Moise and preventing the Makoute, the Duvalierists from changing the constitution.

Vive Haiti, long live Haiti !!!

Joseph Alfred
Living in the Diaspora since 1984.


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